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Insight into the world. Appreciating the future.


If you can imagine, you can create. If you can create, then you can make dreams come true. Perspective and talent make a great brand. Lightking insists on developing excellent foresight and continuous innovation in teaware. Keeping faith with the idea that “Art originates from life”, we have created a series of excellent, unique teaware with glass, steel and wood, all designed to enrich your life.


In our mind, every simple enjoyable moment in life can be enlightening. With the incorporation of intelligent devices, Lightking’s one-of-a-kind transparent aesthetics can be integrated into everyday household as well as the process of tea-tasting. The refraction of light helps to amplify various hues of the liquid, therefore enhancing the visual stimulation and making this leisure pursuit even more pleasurable. We believe in reaching that state of enlightenment through leading creation, excellent quality, perfect details, and outstanding services.